About the Project

GO DIGITAL LIBYA is an international co-operation project by German, Libyan and Tunisian universities and funded by BMZ/DAAD. The aim of the project is to support the six Libyan partner universities in the development and implementation of a functional digitalisation strategy. The project duration is four years (2021-2024) and implemented through on-site workshops in Germany, Tunisia and Libya as well as digital meetings, trainings and webinars.

During the project, the Libyan partner universities enhance their capacities in the effective planning and implementation of digital didactics and teaching methods, usage of new technologies as well as university governance. Moreover, the project partners share their experiences and practise-examples in a transnational context in order to identify best ways and practical solutions. In doings so, Libyan partner universities will become less vulnerable against crises affecting the teaching and learning processes such as Covid-19, security issues or damage of infrastructure.

The project is also evaluating the activities and outputs from a scientific perspective with a special focus on transcultural didactics, management and technologies, and thus provides an important knowledge transfer to the international scientific and co-operation development community.

For further information please contact:

Mr Alexander Turnwald (a.turnwald(at)cbs.de) / German or English

Mr Hamza Muftah (h.muftah(at)cbs.de) / Arabic or English